José Rendón (Mexico City)


Composer José Rendón (a.k.a g3l1d0) creates and produces musical support & sound design for film, TV and Radio productions. With an interest in audio engineering, electronic instruments, and music technology from a very young age, he began his career as a electronic music performer in 1990. His style is a fusion and deconstruction of a very wide range of music genres with electronic music and his music has been released on multiple record labels.

He is cofounder of the Ableton Live User Group Mexico and the electronic music label Konfort Records, promoting and supporting electronic music in Mexico and Latin America. Konfort is the first Mexican label to earn the international QWARTZ award for best independent electronic music compilation of 2005.

With a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony & Ear Training from Berklee College of Music, proud winner of the Berklee Music’s Celebrity Online Scholarships and with more than 15 years of experience in the field, José now teaches electronic music production, sound synthesis & music theory at Bunker Audio in Mexico.

José began using Ableton Live with version 1.5 and now teaches all aspects of Ableton Live - from composing, arranging & sound synthesis to performing & DJing. Teaching students the most effective ways to implement software to accomplish their goals is his primary focus.


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