Certified Training in Mexico

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Christian Sánchez, aka Red (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico)
Born in southeast Mexico, Christian has been playing the guitar since 1999, a few years before he discovered the world of electronic music. Red makes all kind of music—ambient, electronic, and also alternative rock. 

Eduardo Dominguez (Mexico City)
Mexico City based musician, producer and DJ, always been passionate about music and discovering new ways to create it, developing various techniques for DJing and sound design.

Joaquin Jimenez (Mexico City)
Joaquin began DJing alternative and electronic music in clubs and on the radio in 1993. Since then, his love for music and technology got him deeply involved in electronic music production and live performance using computers. 

José Rendón (Mexico City)
Composer José Rendón (a.k.a g3l1d0) creates and produces musical support & sound design for film, TV and Radio productions.

Luz Beatrix Torres a.k.a. Demian Licht Démon (Montreal/México City)
Demian Licht Démon is an electronic music producer and professor of electronic music production currently living in Montreal. 

Training Centers

SAE Institute (Mexico City)
SAE Institute Mexico is the first SAE College in Latin America to open its doors and offer courses and degrees in Audio, Videogame Design & Production, Digital Film, Web and 3d Animation.

Universidad de la Musica G Martell (Mexico City)
Based in Mexico City, G Martell College of Music & Audio has been offering excellence in qualified training in all areas related to the music and audio industry for more than twenty-eight years. 

Bunker Audio (Mexico D.F.)
With cutting edge technology and a well balanced theory & hands on training program, Bunker Audio offers high quality part-time courses in music technology, synthesis, audio engineering and post production.

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