Mile High Sounds (Kuala Lumpur)


Mile High Sounds

Mile High Sounds, the first Ableton Certified Training Center in the Asian Region, provides courses centered around the Ableton Live platform.

Ableton 101 runs over a period of nine weeks and includes lecture and lab components designed to equip the student with a sound understanding of Ableton Live, while instilling Audio Engineering fundamentals into the core. Ableton 101 students should have a basic understanding of music theory or have taken Mile High Sounds' Basic Music Theory short course.

Ableton for DJs has been specifically designed to help DJs successfully migrate to Ableton Live, as well as provide the knowledge of Live's tools that will take their performances to new heights. Prior DJing experience is a prerequisite for taking this course.

Other programs include Audio Engineering Fundamentals (Intensive), DJing Fundamentals, Basic Music Theory and Instrument Lessons.

Occasionally, a rigid curriculum is not the best option for an individual's learning curve. Mile High Sounds can fill the void in specific areas of knowledge by offering customized courses on an individual basis when required.

Ableton Enhance gives a student the choice of either enrolling in one or more of the Ableton Live training modules offered (to eligible students) or taking a customized course based on consultation.

Mile High Sounds also offers affordable recording/mix-down/producer packages for bands and individuals wishing to bring their projects to completion. Last but not least, Mile High Sounds aims to consult and increase awareness in the realms of sound and its integration in the corporate/arts/entertainment world.

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Ableton Certified Trainer:
Reuben Samuel

Please note: Ableton Certified Training Centers are separate private enterprises and are solely responsible for their course content. These centers are not administrated by Ableton AG nor Ableton Inc.