Soolee (Seoul, South Korea)


Soolee was introduced as a techno artist representing Korea in the "We Call It Techno" event, and he continues to participate in the largest gigs in Korea. His band Future Jazz Project is an audio-visual interactive band using Max for Live, processing, Jitter, and Controllerism to create a melting pot of sound art, electronic music, and visual elements.

Soolee began making computer music and playing guitar in the late 1990s, which led him to study electronic music and sound design in college. He first used Ableton Live 4 in 2004, and he began making full use of the software in 2007 for producing and DJing. He created a music forum called HouseBug, which runs the DJ Seminar : Attention series to educate people about electronic music in various facilities, including academies, universities, and private seminars or workshops. He currently teaches the Advanced Ableton Live class at KT&G Sangsang Madang Academy.





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