Luca Mucci (Milan)


Luca Mucci

Luca's interest in music began in his early childhood when he started to study classical piano. His deep passion for any kind of music lead him to discover techno and IDM in 2005, when he started creating his early productions with various music softwares, including Ableton Live.

Luca then deepened his knowledge by attending IDTM institute in Milan in 2008, studying Music Production / Post-Production Techniques, Sound Design and Synthesis, while moving his first steps into DJing and live performances.

During the last 5 years, besides teaching Ableton, he has worked as a sound designer (multimedia projects, spots), released dubstep/techno music and performed at various festivals and parties across Europe.

In 2013 he also graduated in Engineering of Computer Systems at Politecnico di Milano, with a specific Master Degree focused on Sound and Music Engineering (Como).

Luca teaches Ableton Live at 4CMP institute in Milan. His classes, which are typically composed of 5-6 students with personal workstations, range from Live Basics to Advanced Production and Performance Techniques. He is also available for one-to-one customized lessons.




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