Fonderie Sonore

Fonderie Sonore is a school for electronic music producers in Rome. The school offers courses in the field of computer music production. The main software used is Ableton Live, together with MIDI controllers dedicated to Ableton, such as Novation Launchpad and Akai APC 40.

The school offers courses on Ableton Live and Max for Live as well as in-depth courses on various aspects of music production such as Sound Design and Mixing & Summing. The topics covered in the courses are put fully into practice with Ableton Live, which is used as a hands-on teaching aid. Courses for DJing and Live Performance are being organized. And courses are constantly supplemented with workshops dedicated to specific audio topics, showcasing audio products, and electronic music events.

The courses aim to provide solid theoretical and practical training, with the help of a staff of professionals who have ample experience not only in audio production but in education as well.

Fonderie Sonore is a fully-equipped educational facility and the workspace is designed exclusively for this purpose. The integration of classroom with audio lab allows students to gradually acquire and develop skills through practice.

Ableton Live courses are taught by Giancarlo Lanza, an Ableton Live Specialist. Courses are structured at different levels, from basic to advanced.

Fonderie Sonore aims to train producers and live performers, encouraging their career development through collaborations with various partners such as record labels and clubs in the electronic music scene.


Ableton Certified Trainer:
Giancarlo Lanza


Please note: Ableton Certified Training Centers are separate private enterprises and are solely responsible for their course content. These centers are not administrated by Ableton AG nor Ableton Inc.