Edoardo Pietrogrande (Roma)


Edoardo Pietrogrande

Edo Pietrogrande started his adventure in electronic music and DJing when he was fourteen. He has been promoted and managed since 2000 by Electroculture and he became resident DJ at Brancaleone, Rome. He has performed from 2001 around Italy and Europe with a great roster of international DJs and performers.

Edo earned a degree in architecture at Università La Sapienza (Rome, 2006), a sound engineer diploma at SAE institute Milano, and a synthesis and hard disk recording diploma at Sonus factory Roma. In December 2009, he finished his bachelors degree in Creative Media Industries and Recording Arts at SAE Institute Milano.

He is the general manager of till2012 records and 7oz records, indie labels based on tech house and electronic style. His profile at SAE Institute is focused on EMP and DjT courses. He is the sound engineer of LoudnProud mix and mastering studio, based in Rome. He is the resident DJ of Room 26, Rome. He works in acoustic research for University UniRoma3, department of architecture.

Edo became an Ableton certified trainer in November 2010. He began using Ableton in 2003. He works primarily with electronic dance music and sound design for commercials. He is available for one-on-one lessons and group lessons or workshops coordinated by SAE Institute Milano. Lessons are focused on first steps inside Live for entry level and production, and Live set setup for advanced level.


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