Danilo Rispoli (Palermo)


Danilo Rispoli

Danilo Rispoli is a DJ, producer, sound designer, teacher, festival promoter and label manager. He began producing house and techno in 1989, and eventually Danilo productions reached the top positions of most relevant European and American charts, such as DMC and Billboard.

In 2005, Danilo fell in love with Ableton Live. That, together with his passion for electronic music, led him to explore the theory and practice of electronic culture and its music scene. Since 2007, Danilo has worked as a tutor, teaching classes on digital music production and the music industry at WeAreLoud! (Palermo).

Today, Danilo owns and run WeAreLoud!, a recording and production studio focused on the development of musical and cultural projects such as festivals and musical events, as well as training courses and advanced workshops on Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Resolume and Modul 8.

Danilo is available to teach throughout Italy or at WeAreLoud!, in Palermo. His classes include Getting Started with Live, Advanced Production Techniques, DJ with Ableton Live and Ableton Live Onstage. Classes typically have 5-10 students, and Danilo is also available for private tutoring sessions and customized setups.



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