Certified Training in Italy

Live 9 Certified Trainers 

Alessandro Lestino (Torino)
Alessandro Lestino began working as a DJ at the end of the 80's, playing in several Italian clubs. In 2003, he set up MusicLab, a recording studio used by many Italian and international artists with very different musical roots.

Alessandro Rorato (Mestre)
Alessandro has been playing music since 1992. In 1996 he moved from drums to laptop, starting his producing activity. 

Damiano Rocco (Padova)
Damiano Rocco began making music as a singer in punk, hardcore and metal bands. In 2000 he started working solo using synthesizers, samplers, turntables, a CD player and hardware effects, producing tracks that ranged from ambient to noise music.

Daniele Mattiuzzi (Turin)
Music has always been in Daniele's life. He began studying the saxophone at age 8, and he went on to play many musical instruments in several local bands, including guitar, drums, synthesizers and groove boxes.

Danilo Rispoli (Palermo)
Danilo Rispoli is a DJ, producer, sound designer, teacher, festival promoter and label manager.

Dario Piana (Milan)
DJ, producer, music journalist and vinyl collector Dario Piana has worked in music for more than 25 years, and has performed in hundreds of clubs and in special events and projects for companies such as Diesel, Milan AC and Red Bull.

Edoardo Pietrogrande (Roma)
Edo Pietrogrande started his adventure in electronic music and DJing when he was fourteen. He has been promoted and managed since 2000 by Electroculture and he became resident DJ at Brancaleone, Rome. He has performed from 2001 around Italy and Europe with a great roster of international DJs and performers.

Emiliano Pilloni (Turin)
Emiliano Pilloni has been passionate about music since he was a child. As he grew up, he became fond of electronic music and interested in its applied technologies. At the age of sixteen, he bought his first groovebox and soon found himself surrounded by samplers, synths, and drum machines.

Gaty Lopez (Milan/Ibiza)
Gaty Lopez began his DJ career in 1989, playing and working in radio stations and disco clubs in various cities in Italy and he has been a producer since 2006.

Giancarlo Lanza (Naples)
Giancarlo Lanza has been a club promoter in Napoli since the early 1990s. He began studying sound design and got a specialist certificate "music production using cubase" in 1999, and he currently works for backline, Ableton's Italian distributor, as a product specialist.

Giona Vinti (Milan)
Giona Vinti began playing various kind of flutes and whistles in the mid-90s, then in 2000 he discovered a passion for electronic music, synthesis and sampling.

Luca Mucci (Milan)
Luca's interest in music began in his early childhood when he started to study classic piano (which remains his favorite instrument) in a private institute. He discovered computer and electronic music in 2005, creating his early productions with Reason and, especially, Ableton Live. 

Marcello Ruggiu (Milan, Italy / London, UK)
Marcello began his musical career in 1994. In 2005, he earned a degree in audio engineering from the SAE Institute in Milan. He has focused on live and studio recording and is very interested in electronic music production (IDM, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass).

Salvatore Zappala' (Rome)
Salvatore Zappala' has been playing piano and synthesizers since the early 90s and has played in many bands (rock, metal, pop, electronica, jazz) and gained solid experience in sound synthesis, synth... 

Simone Tanda (Pesaro, IT / London, UK)
Simone Tanda is a bass player/music producer/live performer who loves low frequencies. He gives electronic music lectures as well as one-to-one tutorials in several colleges and Live certified training centers in London and in Italy.

Stefano Bechini (Acquapendente)
Stefano is a musician, producer, teacher, and sound/multimedia designer who has been producing and performing with Ableton Live since 2005.

Stefano Ferrari (Cagliari, IT / Berlin, DE)
Composer and guitarist Stefano Ferrari began studying music in 1987 and earned a diploma in Classical Guitar, Contemporary Composition and New Musical Technologies at the Conservatory.


Training Centers

4CMP (Milano)
4CMP ("For Creative Music Producer") is a computer music school and production/recording studio located in the Milan city center.

Absonant (Roma)
Absonant is a training center for those wishing to learn audiovisual and multimedia production. Its main objective is to provide students with the skills and capacities they need to become professionals and meet the market demands.

Antenna Lab (Padua)
Antenna Lab is an innovative training center located in Padua offering highly qualified training on techniques for audio-visual production and live performing.

Audio Engine Music (Cento)
Audio Engine Music is one of the most prestigious certified training centers in Italy. Through the years it has become an influential and popular center for students seeking Apple, Adobe, PearsonVUE, Avid and Ableton certified training.

Audiofficine (Mestre)
Audiofficine started in 2008 with an idea by Davide Tiso and Federico Tolomei. The training is targeted to studio and multimedia production.

Fonderie Sonore (Roma)
Fonderie Sonore is a school for electronic music producers in Rome. The school offers courses in the field of computer music production.

Musiclab (Turin)
MusicLab began as a recording studio in Turin in June 2003. In 2004 it organized courses for sound engineers in collaboration with learning centers accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour and the Region of Piedmont.

Nut Academy (Naples)
Nut is a production studio, record label, and, since 2001, a music school.

Percorsi Audio (Acquapendente)
Percorsi Audio is a leading training center in Italy for audio pro education. It is a Digidesign- and Ableton-certified center and IMSTA member.

RE.CREATIVE 12.0 (Milano)
Created by a community of DJs, RE.CREATIVE 12.0 is the Italian DJ school that aims to offer the highest standards in training and refresher courses for professional DJs.

SAE Institute (Milan)
SAE Institute Milan is one of the most important educational institutions in Italy for the fields of audio engineering, electronic music production, DJ techniques, digital filmmaking and 3D animation.

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