Rotem Ayalon (Tel Aviv)


Rotem Ayalon has been a professional DJ for more than twelve years. He began DJing at age ten, and by age sixteen he was already playing at large venues and weddings. Born and raised in a very musical household, Rotem plays drums, keyboard, guitar and many other stringed instruments. Today, DJ Rotem Ayalon is one of the most popular wedding DJs in Israel. 

As a producer, Rotem creates many remixes and original tracks, mainly in the dance genre. Ableton Live is his main instrument in the studio. He explains: “Ableton Live is great because it allows me to create music from a DJ's point-of-view, which helps me produce the right material to rock the dance floor.” These days Rotem splits his time between playing at weddings and remixing in his studio. Rotem is a popular private teacher for DJing, music creation and sound design in Israel. He has taught for more than seven years, and he offers one-on-one courses in his studio. 



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