Brian Smith (Berlin)


Brian Smith started playing trumpet when he was eight years old. In the early 1980's, he moved into the electroacoustic world of modular analog synthesis and two-track tape decks. He later co-founded the experimental industrial band "Language Lab" in San Francisco. In the mid-1980's he moved to Paris and immersed himself in the contemporary music scene there, working at IRCAM for several months, then going on to create sound installations and compositions. Brian now lives in Berlin and is the founder and owner of big brain audio — a small, boutique-style audio school specializing in intensive, hands-on courses. He is also a co-creator and sound designer of Ambinator. In his spare time, he creates soundscapes from his own field recordings using complex audio processing and arrangement techniques. Since 2003, Brian has employed Ableton Live for teaching and production.

Brian teaches courses that range from the fundamentals of Ableton Live to more advanced production techniques. He provides specialized artist consulting and one-on-one courses as well as intensive, hands-on workshops and master classes for groups. Brian teaches in English (native), French (fluent), and German (fluent).



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