Vincent Le Bartz (Penmarc'h)


Vincent Le Bartz

Vincent has worked in many styles of electronic music since 2000. Today he focuses on acid house and minimal techno, but he is interested in all kinds of music and production. He studied audio engineering at ESRA, where he gained knowledge and experience in audio-visual production, computer-assisted music and music programming. He has recorded or mixed various French artists and styles, from metal/punk to hip-hop. In Chennai, India, Vincent worked as an audio technician/engineer at Spectral Sound of Music, and he worked in advertising and recorded and mixed live shows for an Indian rock band. Recently, he has been working in collaboration with a French DJ team, Fresharts Electronik Sound.

Vincent has been using Ableton Live since 2003, and he has decided to get involved in training to share his knowledge and teach others how to create music with Live. He can teach in one-on-one sessions or small groups, from beginning to advanced, and he is willing to travel for teaching sessions.



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