Lucas Grolleau (Paris/Quebec)


Lucas Grolleau

Lucas Grolleau is a Swiss sound designer, performer and teacher who grew up in the US, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland and spent 5 years in New York – where he decided to focus on a career in music. Splitting his time between Québec and Paris, he founded Sounds Good Music in 2008, a sound design studio with an international portfolio.
In 2010, Lucas began teaching creative sound design workshops for masters students in Strasbourg and became passionate about interacting with students on a creative level. Since then, and alongside his sound design work for well-known brands, he's been teaching at university level in Paris and Limoges as well as lecturing on sound design at conferences such as the Adobe Creative Week and Lift in Geneva.
Also an active musician with his band Lucky Joy and his solo project, Lucas' music has been broadcast on Swiss and French national radio and T.V. and he has been a finalist at the Swiss Eurockeennes contest.
Lucas is available for master classes and workshops in Québec and France. His teaching focus is songwriting with Ableton, creative sound design with Ableton and Ableton for the stage.



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