Agni Akkitham (Paris)


Agni has been making music in various forms for the last fifteen years, first as a musician, thanks to his classical background in cello and french horn, then as a sound engineer, composer and producer. He also worked as a sound engineer for a theatre and dance company. Agni is a founding member of the Jahspora sound system, and his productions are reggae and dub oriented. During the last ten years, he has contributed to various French labels (Jahspora, Hors Piste, Quartier Libre, Physical Sound, Heartical, Eau de Gamme, and others) stretching from hip hop to pop, electro and world music. Since 2004, Agni has been a product specialist and has given various trainings, demos and one-on-one courses throughout France. He specializes in music production and studio work but his training includes live performing, DJing and remixing. In 2008, he joined APAXX DESIGNS and is teaching a Live course there as well.



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