Certified Training in France

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Ben Vedren (Paris)
Ben is a french electronic artist, DJ, and Ableton Certified Trainer.

Bertrand Maillot (Paris)
Trained as a percussionist, Bertrand studied with Jacques Mercier and Philippe Macé at the CNR in Tours.

Dominique Poutet (Paris)
Trained as a classical pianist, Dominique found his way into sound engineering and producing, specializing in acoustic sound recording.

Emmanuel Guillard (Rennes)
Emmanuel Guillard is a French pianist/keyboardist and composer. Completely self-taught at computing, music theory and instrumental technique, he has been a professional musician for fifteen years.

Frederic Cuin (Montpellier / London)
Based in France and London, Label owner of Frogs Records and live performer Frederic Cuin, also known as Freddyfrogs, is an Ableton Ninja. 

Julien Bayle (Marseille)
Julien is a French digital artist working at the crossroads of sound, visuals and data. He discovered Ableton in 2004 with Live 4 and began using it at the same time as Max/MSP.

Laurent Bonnet (Paris)
Laurent Bonnet has been a saxophonist with several jazz and world music artists, both in France and internationally for over fifteen years. His interest in production and mixing led him to discover Live in 2004.

Lucas Grolleau (Paris/Quebec)
Lucas Grolleau is a Swiss sound designer, performer and teacher who grew up in the US, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland and spent 5 years in New York

Sylvain Garcia (Perpignan/Paris)
Splitting time between Perpignan and Paris, Sylvain Garcia trained as a guitarist before moving into the avant garde of electronic music.

Vincent Le Bartz (Penmarc'h)
Vincent has worked in many styles of electronic music since 2000. Today he focuses on acid house and minimal techno, but he is interested in all kinds of music and production.


Live 8 Certified Trainers

Agni Akkitham (Paris)
Agni has been making music in various forms for the last fifteen years, first as a musician, thanks to his classical background in cello and french horn, then as a sound engineer, composer and producer. 

Training Centers

Apaxxdesigns Training Center is a high-profile facility in Paris, France. Run by Jean-Louis Hennequin, a well-known musician, producer, composer, and Apple Certified Logic Master Trainer.

Cifap (Paris)
For 11 years, Cifap has been the leading audiovisual training center in France, offering full-time and part-time courses in music technology, audio engineering, post production and scenic arts, preparing students for careers in television, the recording industry and film.

CMI (Paris)
Since 1985, CMI, located in Paris, has been training and helping professional users of software for music creation, music editing, and video.

InTouch Media (Rennes)
InTouch Media is the first Ableton Certified Training Center in the west of France. Based in the city of Rennes, famous for its "Trans Musicales" festival, where many electronic talents were discovered.


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