Ricardo Luna (Santiago)


Ricardo Luna

Ricardo Luna aka Richi Tunacola got involved with music in 1994, playing drums in several rock bands in Valparaíso, Chile. He’s a classically trained musician, commencing his studies in percussion, and completing a composition major in 2007, at Escuela Moderna de Música.

His musical productions span chamber music, mixed ensembles (acoustic and electronic), rock bands and hip hop. Lately Ricardo has ventured into pop, with his group Tunacola, which he produces using Live. Richi leads the band that enjoys a great reputation in Chile, and toured Mexico and New York City with them over the summer.

Richi discovered Live in 2007, and has since used the software to produce and teach, for mixing, mastering and sound design, and to set up live shows for his projects and other artists. He’s been teaching Live since 2010, at Escuela Moderna de Música and created a 5 month program for Ableton Live 9. He is currently the only trainer to have been certified by Ableton in Chile. Classes are held year round at 101 Training, in groups of 8 students. Intro courses, Sound Design, Live Onstage and 5 month complete programs are available, as well as individual classes.



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