John Jamin (Vancouver, BC)


John Jamin

John Jamin is a classically trained pianist and guitarist who specializes in the integration of Ableton live with organic instrumentation. He is active as a beatmaker/synth guru and session pianist in Vancouver, BC. John Jamin offers individual and group instruction on all facets of Ableton Live use in the studio and on stage. Topics include Introduction to Ableton Live: Non-Linear Approaches to Music Creation and Performance, Granular Synthesis within Ableton, and Introduction to Live Looping with Ableton.

By the time he was 16 years old, JJ had played twice at the NAMM summer session in Nashville, Tennessee, been featured alongside Taylor Swift in Wood&Steel Magazine in an article on promising young guitarists, and recorded and released an album (Solo Deo) of his own instrumental compositions. After spending several years as a Jazz and Classical piano major at Muskingum University in southeastern Ohio, he became obsessed with Ableton Live and left the world of organic instrumentation in favour of extended laptop improvisations. Now, he gives his attention to studio and live environments in which laptop and acoustic instruments work together in harmony.



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