Certified Training in Canada

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Jason Spanu (West Toronto, ON)
From the early 90's heyday of Toronto's techno scene through to his current constant touring as a band member and Ableton programmer for Nelly Furtado and more recently hip-hop superstar Drake, Jason "DJ Shine" Spanu has delivered a brilliant history as a key player in the Canadian electronic music scene.

John Jamin (Vancouver, BC)
John Jamin is a classically trained pianist and guitarist who specializes in the integration of Ableton live with organic instrumentation. He is active as a beatmaker/synth guru and session pianist in Vancouver, BC.

Josh Garret (New Westminster, BC)
Josh Garrett has been producing and performing electronic music since catching the techno bug in 1995. In 2004, Ableton Live version 3 became the core of his live p.a. setup.

Justin James (Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI)
Justin James is an audio specialist, electronic musician and Ableton Certified Trainer with over a decade of experience in music production, live performance and education.

Lucas Grolleau (Paris/Quebec)
Lucas Grolleau is a Swiss sound designer, performer and teacher who grew up in the US, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland and spent 5 years in New York

Luz Beatrix Torres a.k.a. Demian Licht Démon (Montreal/México City)
Demian Licht Démon is an electronic music producer and professor of electronic music production currently living in Montreal. 

Mike Goodwin (Toronto, ON)
Michael has been teaching Ableton Live for more than five years. His specialty is teaching Live in a way that lets students reach their creative goals, whether they are professional musicians, DJs or producers, or simply considering a new way of working. 

Mitch Lee (Calgary, AB)
Mitch Lee is an award winning film, tv and video game composer and sound designer. Since being introduced to Ableton Live in 2003, Mitch has gone on to produce music for companies like Warner Brothers, Activision, Atari, ESPN, Adidas, Nissan and many more.  

Omar Riad (Toronto, ON)
Omar "Ridiculous" Riad has been working in music production over the past eleven years. Originally an urban hip-hop producer, Ridiculous has branched out to various genres, including dubstep, glitch, house, and world music.

Sam Ryan (North Vancouver, BC)
President of SOS Music Group LTD. and chief instructor of Electronic Music Production at Harbourside IT, Sam Ryan works with the newest technologies in digital audio, MIDI and sample-based sequencing, combining his technical and artistic talents to fuse audio engineering with music production.

Vespers (Vancouver, BC)
Vespers is a beat-making robot that started creating music in the year 2502, then was sent back in time to show humans how to mangle audio using Ableton Live.

Training Centers

Beat Drop (Calgary, AB)Beat Drop is an electronic music production and DJ school in Calgary, AB Canada. We are a community of musicians, DJs and producers of all genres who enjoy producing, creating and performing music. We offer courses and certificate programs in Ableton Live.

Witz Education (Toronto, ON)
Toronto-based Witz Education is Canada’s first Gold-Level Apple Certified Training Centre and offers a three-day, hands-on Ableton Live Bootcamp that introduces students to the primary features and basic user interface of the software.


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