Leo Casagrande (Sao Paulo)


Working with music since 1994, Leo Casagrande has great skills and techniques in music production, effects, synthesizers, acoustic, mixing and mastering. In 2007 he joined SAE Institute in London studying Electronic Music Production (EMP). Ever since, he has been teaching the use of Ableton Live, both for DJing and EMP, at the best schools in São Paulo. He has also participated as Ableton’s specialist in stands at Expo Music in São Paulo. 

Using Ableton Live in all his productions and for playing in all gigs around Brazil and at the best clubs in São Paulo, his focus now is on Progressive House, with Rap influences and a couple of underground styles, having his tracks released by Monkey Beat Records. 

Recently, he has started his own training center, where he has been giving private one-on-one classes with exclusive methodology and spotless structure, offering top equipments and comfort to his students. He also produces and publishes weekly video tutorials in Portuguese on his YouTube channel. He is an enthusiastic user of several applications together with Live, such as Akai equipments, IPad applications and Max4Live, which are also considered in his classes. Recently Leo Casagrande contributed new patches to the Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer.





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