Certified Training in Brazil

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Ilan Kriger (Curitiba)
Ilan is a professional DJ since 2000 and has been performing in major clubs in Brazil (Warung, D-Edge, Lique, Red Vibe Concept to name a few).

Leo Casagrande (Sao Paulo)
Working with music since 1994, Leo Casagrande has great skills and techniques in music production, effects, synthesizers, acoustic, mixing and mastering.

Lucas Ramos (Rio de Janeiro)
Lucas Ramos is an audio engineer who has worked with recording and post-production since 2003. He began working with Live in 2006 while studying at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and has been using it since for film scoring as well as his own music.

Missionário José (Sao Paulo)
Missionário José strongly believes that there should be no boundaries between the educational, creative and performance practices in music making.

Omid Burgin (Sao Paulo)
Swiss-born Recording Engineer, Music Producer and Acoustician operates an Acoustic Firm, Recording Studio and School in São Paulo.

Victor Jesus (Sao Paulo)
Electronic musician, Dj, Programmer and Percussionist, Victor Jesus began his career as music producer in 1998, working with genres like Drum and Bass and Breakbeat, creating commercial tracks for radio and television, also producing hip hop artists.

Training Centers

IATEC (Rio de Janeiro)
IATEC, founded in 1999, is one of the leading multimedia education centers in Brazil and offers a variety of courses in audio, music production, lighting and video.

Leo Casagrande Studio (Sao Paulo)
Leo Casagrande Studio aims to provide students with the necessary training and background to become a qualified professional in the music industry.

OMiD Academia de Áudio (Sao Paulo)
OMiD Academia de Áudio is an institution specializing in forming Recording Engineers, Musical Producers, and Musical Composers (www.academiadeaudio.com.br).

Synthex Pro School (Sao Paulo)
Synthex Pro School is situated in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1989, it was the first school in Brazil to offer specialized courses in audio production and musical software.


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