Pierre-Emmanuel Legrain (Grez-Doiceau)


Pierre-Emmanuel Legrain has been playing the keyboard, guitar and bass guitar since he was twelve years old. When he was eighteen he discovered turntablism and became a DJ. Shortly after that, he began producing electronic music, first with hardware synths then with software. In 2007, he turned to Ableton Live (version 6). He performs at parties, produces for his own label and also creates soundtracks for fireworks. Pierre-Emmanuel has been teaching private as well as group lessons since 2008. The group lessons are taught at Eltric in Grez-Doiceau. His classes are aimed at beginners who want to discover the philosophy of Live, but he also addresses more advanced users who are in need of special tips and tricks to enhance their workflow. Pierre-emmanuel is the first French speaking certified trainer in Belgium so if you want to DJ or produce with Ableton Live, please contact him.



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