Certified Training in Belgium

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Glenn Keteleer (Brussels)
Glenn Keteleer has spun the decks since 1990 and, in 2000, became a full-time artist/producer at the age of 24. He has used Ableton Live since 2001 (version 1), and has worked with various styles of music over his long career.

Jef Aerts
Jef Aerts has been a professional sound engineer, music producer and musician since 1996. After starting out by playing around with old samplers, synths and guitar pedals, Jef studied Image and Sound at the RITS in Brussels.

Pierre-Emmanuel Legrain (Grez-Doiceau)
Pierre-Emmanuel Legrain has been playing the keyboard, guitar and bass guitar since he was twelve years old. When he was eighteen he discovered turntablism and became a DJ.


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