Jono Fernandez (Sydney, NSW)


If you think Jono Fernandez is a new Australian producer on the rise, think again. Over the last decade, Jono has released a steady stream of over fifty singles and remixes on some of the world's most respected dance music labels, including Global Underground, One Love and Ministry of Sound. He has also remixed for more than twenty artists, including Groove Armada, Dirty Vegas, Delphic, Mory Kante, SIA, Sarah McLeod and Bertie Blackman. Jono's live show is as impressive as his achievements in the studio. Much like his early start in the studio, Jono was well ahead of the curve in his choice of performance mode. Ditching vinyl for CDs, then moving completely over to Ableton Live in 2002, his live performances must be seen to be believed. Performing on Ableton Live with MIDI controllers, drum pads, keyboards and samplers, his shows are a two-hour-plus epic journey through melodic techno, house and progressive. Luckily, given Jono Fernandez' current music mission, it won't be too long before you experience the journey with him.

+61 404 290 512


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