Arjaus School (Bueno Aires)


Arjaus School was created by Ableton Certified Trainer Mariano Trocca in order to spread technical and theoretical knowledge among the Argentinean music community. Classes are practical, fun and take place within a friendly environment where collaboration and creativity are encouraged. In class, participants listen and discuss everyone's music projects, thereby learning how to present one's own music and how to be critical with peers in a positive way.

The school's director, Certified Trainer Mariano Trocca, leads the Ableton Live courses together with Argentinean deep house producer Gabriel Gorostidi (LondonGround), who is teaches the first steps in Live.

The main goal is to get students to develop their own workflow with the software, acquire knowledge about every instrument and effect in Ableton Suite, and be able to complete the entire production process - all the way from starting a track to getting their music signed and released.

Ableton Certified Trainer:
Mariano Trocca

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