Ableton at Strøm Festival, Tuesday, August 13

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Photo by Adam Garff for Strøm

From August 12 - 18, the Strøm Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, will host a rich program of performances, DJ sets, lectures and workshops. On Tuesday, August 13, Ableton's Jesse Abayomi will join Ableton Certified Trainer Ras Kjærbo and Dubspot instructor Dan Freeman for a number of workshops look at Push, workflow in Live 9, and more. Read below for details about each workshop, and to reserve your space for Getting Groovy with Push.


Deep Sampling Techniques: Dubspot EDU Session

Location: KPH, Enghavevej 80C, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Time: 12:00–13:30
Cost: Free

Dubspot NYC instructor and Ableton Live 9 Certified Trainer Dan Freeman (CØm1x) will demonstrate how to create an entire track from a single sound using Ableton Live 9′s Sampler instrument, which is a great way to demonstrate sampling in general. Deep sampling is one of the best ways to develop a truly original sound in digital music without reliance on presets, sound libraries or synths. In this workshop, we will talk about proper recording chains for sampling, micro sampling, and even creating live performance instruments based on samples. We will also touch on the question of sampling and copyright issues. This is for artists and producers who are interested in this unique form of sound design, musicians and vocalists who wish to learn the fundamental ways to convert acoustic sound to unique digital creations and all interested in learning about Ableton Live 9. This is the second of two Dubspot EDU Sessions to be held at Strøm.

No signup is required and the event is for free.


Getting Groovy with Ableton Push

Location: KPH, Enghavevej 80C, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Time: 14:00–15:15 (Lab time with support on Push afterwards during Open Studios)
Capacity: Gear for 16 people maximum (signup via Eventbrite), rest is welcome to sit in
Cost: Free

Ableton has once again created something innovative and boundary-pushing with their Push instrument. Push gives the user the ability to step away from the sometimes boring and uninspiring setting that is the computer, keyboard and mouse, and produce music entirely on Push. This open up a new world of innovative and intuitive thinking in regards to making music, which is probably why Push has been defined as an instruments itself.
Strøm has flown in Ableton Certified Trainer, DJ and producer Jesse Abayomi to teach you all about Push and the integration with Ableton Live 9, so you are sure to get it right the first time. After Jessie’s demonstration of music making with Push and Live 9, Jesse and Ras Kjærbo will direct and support a class on music making with said tools, so that you can make a tune yourself on Push. There will be 16 workstations in total, eight Push’es and eight MIDI keyboards. During the class, participants will switch between these stations, so most people get to work on Push. At the end of the day, you can submit your creation to win a free version of Live 9 Suite (judged by Ableton and Strøm – submission has to be in person at the event).

N.B. sign up for one of the 16 spots is required, but anyone with a laptop with and a working version of Ableton Live 9 Suite (for which you can get a full 30-day trial version) can attend.

Sign up for the event


Open Studios - Special Ableton Edition

Location: KPH, Enghavevej 80C, 2450 Copenhagen SV
Time: 15:30–17:30
Cost: Free

Come dwell in the creative atmosphere of the Strøm School. Work on your music in one of our two studios. Try out new gear, new techniques and new software. Get support from professional artist and the Strøm School crew, while meeting new friends and like-minded producers. The Open Studio sessions are made available, so that you have time to work on the subjects discussed during the day. To have an opportunity to cool down and have a chat with other producers and musicians. Basically, it is time booked for you and your creations.

This Special Edition Open Studios Session will feature three Ableton Live Certified Trainers, one from Dubspot, New York, one directly from Ableton, Berlin and one from Copenhagen’s very own Ectopic Beats Music (who can also support in Danish). The main focus is to work on music while using Ableton Push, but of course not limited to this.

This will also be the time where you can submit your creation to win a free version of Live 9 Suite (judged by Ableton and Strøm – submission has to be in person at the event).


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