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An educator teaching a small group of students using Live and Push.

Welcome to Live 12

Teaching with Live gives students everything they need to make unlimited progress on their chosen path. Millions of music and audio professionals choose Live for its built-in instruments, effects and creative features that continue to spark new ideas and ways of working. Live 12 comes with even more teaching opportunities – new techniques and experimental tools, brought together in a flexible environment that supports all learning styles and keeps students focused on creating.

A student working at a desk with Live and Push in front of them.

Teach new techniques

MIDI Transformations

Introduce inventive new ways to rearrange, randomize and time warp MIDI patterns to inspire variations and put theory into practice.

MIDI Generators

Conjure up quick ideas – melodies, chords and rhythms to get students of all levels out of the loop and into a composing mindset.

Tuning systems

Demonstrate a rich variety of music traditions outside of the Western 12-tone system, and use Scale Awareness to shape sounds and effects in key.

Encourage experiments


Teach experimental sound design techniques with Live’s new coloring and saturation device with a built-in compressor section for detailed adjustment.


Explore a vast selection of complex oscillators to load into Meld’s dual engines, and illustrate deep modulation by re-routing and combining them in different ways.

Performance Pack

Prepare your students for the stage with customizable devices that grant more comprehensive control over their Sets, making live performance more intuitive and fun.

Max for Live MIDI Tools

Let students experiment even further by creating their own MIDI Tools in Max for Live, either based on tweaks to existing devices or built entirely from scratch.

Focus on creating

Sound Similarity Search

Spend less time scrolling through samples – help your students find the sounds they want to use and learn how to match them.

Accessibility improvements

Develop a more inclusive curriculum for all kinds of learners, and explore different ways to play with Live.

Get hands on with Push

Students can also learn the fundamentals of digital composition in a more instrumental context with Push, Ableton’s hardware instrument. With hands-on control of rhythm, sounds and song structure and a uniquely creative approach to melody and harmony, Push puts the building blocks of music-making at a student’s fingertips.

An educator demonstrating Push in front of a small group of students.

Play, create and perform

Standalone playability

Push invites you to disconnect and be fully in the moment with your music. Send your Live sets to Push to work without a computer, then back again.

MPE-enabled pads

Shape your sound with pads that respond to the slightest movement of your fingers. Bend, slide and shift between different notes, sounds and articulations.

Built-in audio interface

Plug your instruments into Push’s own audio interface to record straight into your set. Plus, send CV and gate signals to your modular setup.

Live set transfer

Anything you make using Push in Standalone Mode can be transferred to your computer over WiFi, and opened in Live.

How to buy

For your institution 

We offer significant discounts on multi-seat Ableton Live Suite licenses for institutions, and on bulk purchases of single licenses that can be passed onto your students. Education discounts are also available on Push.

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For you and your students

If you’re studying or teaching at a school, college or university, you can save 50% on a new single Ableton Live Intro, Standard or Suite license. You can also benefit from the discount on Live when buying it with Push.

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