Changing tempo WITHOUT warping MIDI clips

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to change the global tempo without warping the speed which a MIDI clip plays back? I've disabled every preference with 'Warp' in the name, but no luck.

I want to be able to record a beat completely off the cuff (no metronomes) and then set the global tempo to the freshly recorded beat, so I can use timed MIDI effects on it (recording the beat to audio is out of the option because of this).

Any help would be really great, thank you.


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    As far as I know it's not directly possible, but there is a way to work around this: after youve recorded the beat, change Ableton's BPM to what the tempo of the beat is (this will indeed speed up/slow down the MIDI clip you recorded so you'll have to remember the beats tempo so you can set Ableton's BPM just right, since after you do this your reference is gone), and then change the 'orig. BPM' in the MIDI clip so it's in sync with Ableton's BPM again. It's a bit hard to explain, hope this is clear? :)


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  • tonfilm
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    If you click on the loop bar over the notes in the clip view, you can drag the start or end of the clip which stretches it in time. This is the same as changing the tempo of the clip.

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  • vikingnoise
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    I know you can set a clip to be a warp master (the toggle button marked 'Master' in the warp section), where the warp markers in that clip affect global tempo without changing the playback of the clip they're in.  I've only ever done that with digital audio that was recorded live and didn't have precise timing.  I don't see why you couldn't do the same thing with a MIDI clip, but I've never looked to see if it was an option, much less tried it out.

    You can only have one warp master, though.  I imagine trying to set a new one would disable the previous one.

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