Season’s greetings: Save 20% on crossgrades to Max 6

If you already own Max for Live, now is a great time to purchase Max for just USD 239. Max 6 features a vastly improved interface and redesigned tutorials, making it easier than ever to get patching and find the object that you're looking for. ​

Take advantage of our special holiday offer to get 20% off Max 6 from Cycling '74.

Max: Now for Everyone

Max is an endless environment of possibility - and it might be intimidating from a distance. In Max, you're in control of your visuals, surround mixing, audio routing, and more. You can even convert your Max Project into a standalone application that can be shared and distributed to everyone.

With Live or On Its Own

Everything in Max 6 can be used with Max for Live. Max 6 standalone gets even more versatile, with unlimited inputs and outputs, and the ability to interface with virtually any other program. Get started with an improved set of tutorials that makes Max more accessible than ever.

New Generation

Gen makes it possible for musicians to create audio effects with quality and performance that rival those coded by hand by expert DSP engineers. It lets you access the bare metal of sound processing in an interactive visual programming environment.

"At first I only saw Gen as a way to build single sample feedback loops suitable for physical models and complex filter design. But then I noticed that coding in Gen is incredibly powerful and fun in a much, much wider sense. Some sort of RISC version of Max inside Max." - Robert Henke, Audiovisual Artist and Developer

For the duration of Ableton’s current sale, you can save 20% when you purchase Gen together with Max 6.  Learn more about what Max and Gen can do for your Live setup '74

Terms and Conditions

For the duration of Ableton’s current holiday offer, a crossgrade to Max 6 is available to both owners of Max for Live and Live 9 Suite at a 20% discount at the Cycling ‘74 website. In addition, the Max 6 + Gen bundle is also 20% off.