A huge range of devices to download. Max for Live is both a world of devices and a community of device builders.

Max for Live comes with a great collection of instruments, effects, and tools. And there’s even more available from the dedicated community of artists and builders who share their Max for Live creations.

Every Max for Live device is ready to use in your own music, but can also be edited and customized to suit your specific needs. And because Max for Live is part of Ableton Suite, it’s perfectly integrated into the familiar Live workflow.

A toolkit for building your own devices. Create custom instruments, effects, and other tools to do exactly what you need. Even change how Live works.

Max for Live lets you build your own devices for use in Live. Create custom synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio effects, and much more. Max for Live also allows you to build devices that modify Live itself, including the properties of tracks, clips, and native Live devices.

Every Max for Live device includes an Edit button, allowing you to look at (or modify) how the device was made. And Max for Live comes with a collection of Live’s native interface elements, so you can build devices that look and feel just like Live.

Tools for modifying hardware. Max for Live lets you change the way controllers and other hardware interact with Live.

Max for Live can be used to reconfigure how hardware devices work with Ableton Live. Common MIDI controllers, multi-touch surfaces and even “non-musical” tools like video cameras can all be repurposed to meet your specific needs. Turn pad controllers into step sequencers, trigger video from drum pads, and much more.

Based on Max 7. Max for Live is based on Max 7 - the latest version of Max.

Max 7 introduces a number of new features that make patching easier and more powerful. And all of them are available in Max for Live.

In Max 7, the interface has been redesigned, allowing for easier patching. Audio quality has been improved with a 64-bit audio engine and improved filter design tools. Additional features include enhanced OpenGL support, including a new physics engine and support for Gen, an add-on that compiles patches into code for improved performance.

Find out more about Max 7 at cycling74.com

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