Max for Live


by Martin von Frantzius

FlexGroove is a Max for Live device for off-the-grid MIDI sequencing. Give parts an expressive push and pull, fluidly transition from one time signature to another, or play with unconventional swing patterns.

USD 49

Electronic to symphonic

FlexGroove is a valuable tool for any music maker who wants to discover new rhythmic possibilities and experiment with elastic timing in a controlled way. For electronic musicians and beatmakers, the device can help humanize productions and create unusual MIDI patterns. Classical composers and soundtrack creators who use timing as a key characteristic can find endless compositional inspiration in this device. 

Added character or controlled chaos

Classically-trained composer, violinist and music software developer Martin von Frantzius developed FlexGroove to support his experimentations in microtiming, polyrhythms, and tempo shifting. The device’s effect can be anything from a gentle nudge off the grid to extreme expansions and contractions of time – all controllable using the ‘amount’ slider. For tactile control of the key parameters, FlexGroove is fully Push enabled. 

It’s all in the timing

Use one of six timing modes to generate off-the-grid MIDI rhythm patterns, with 35 timing presets available. 

  • Free time – manipulate timing using breakpoints
  • Acceleration – gradually increase your pattern’s tempo
  • Deceleration – gradually slow your pattern down
  • Sine/half sine – speed up and slow down timing along a curve
  • Ratio – transition your MIDI sequence from one time signature to another
  • Swing engine – give your tracks offbeat swagger

Play with patterns

Humanize your parts and add variety using the two step sequencers on the pattern page. Adjust the force of your notes with the velocity sequencer, and play with the element of chance with the probability sequencer. Come up with your own patterns, or use one of the 59 pattern presets as a starting point. All the rhythmic patterns you create can be instantly exported as MIDI clips so you can apply the timing to different sounds, layer them up, and arrange them. 

USD 49