What is Max for Live?

What can I do with it?


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    Max 4 Live offers virtually limitless possibilites for your use of Ableton...At one level you have the full integration of a visual programming language, Max, that can be used to effect and create audio for use in your own compositions or Live sets. The sky really is the limit from the complex granular synths to a simple delay...For Composing tools consider the ability to be able to build a completely individual step sequencer or arpeggiator....But then it doesn't stop, the 4Live part comes in, giving you direct access to the very mechanics of Live, from getting inside midi clips to creating new functions only possible with automating many functions within Live. It also gives direct access to the growing number of Midi Controllers that utilise Abletons' control surface functionality, you don't like what the Cue Knob on the APC40 is mapped to, change it and have it dynamically switch to different functions dependent on which scene your in.....The growing community centred around sites such as max4live.com and maxforlive.info are helpful and creative with a wealth of devices available in addition to the ones included within the Max4Live live pack, and if a device nearly does what you want but not quite.... Open it up edit it and make it do your bidding!!CheersD

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    Max for Live is a visual programming environment that allows users to build instruments and effects for use within Ableton Live.

    To learn more, see our dedicated page about Max for Live.

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