Sample Logic Bundle

制作: Sample Logic

This four-Pack bundle brings together more than 1000 instruments and 500 clips of cinematic sounds – from acoustic to electronic, and percussive to atmospheric. It's a complete set of creative tools for film score, soundtracks, or adding cinematic flavor to any type of music.

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4 Pack バンドル

Acoustix is a toolkit for cinematic music production, designed exclusively for Ableton Live. It provides a vast selection of morphed acoustic sounds, including organic instruments, bombastic percussives, atmospheric pads and audio loops.

Metalix was also designed with cinematic music production in mind, but concentrates on morphed metallic instruments, percussive sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, pads and tempo-synced audio loops.

Rhythomatix brings you a library of highly nuanced loops, samples and drum kits geared towards world music, electronic, industrial and pop productions – subtle cinematic sounds that collectively provide a powerful rhythmic impact.

Tronix combines the cinematic depth of electronic sounds, morphed instruments and electrified percussion with cutting leads, growling basses, and tempo-synced audio loops that forward-thinking producers will appreciate.

4 Pack バンドル

元の価格 USD 376現在の価格 USD 199