Made for performing music

Live is designed for the stage. Session View is the perfect environment for improvising and playing with musical materials. Everything stays in sync, so you can mix and match audio at any tempo and never have to think about lining things up.

One person can make a lot of sound

Whether you’re playing hardware or software instruments, improvising with prepared loops, or starting from scratch at every gig, Live gives solo performers everything they need to do great shows.

Surgeon blurs the boundaries between DJing and Live performance. Well-worn classics can be chopped and reformed to create something entirely new.

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Kawehi, a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist, uses Live to put her own spin on covers and classics as well as her own original tunes.

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Beatboxer Ryo “HumanElectro” mixes impressive vocal percussion with synths and loops, while tweaking effects using hardware controllers and a LEAP motion.

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Battles use Live to build up loops and jam during their Live show. This also informs how they collaborate and produce in the studio.

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Play Live with your band

When playing with other people, you can use Live to play synths, samplers, and drum machines, provide loops or backing tracks for a fuller sound, or process the audio from your bandmates using Live’s effects or plug-ins.

Caribou use Live as the heart of their setup, with every member accessing soft synths, loops, and samples to dynamically transform their studio recordings into organic performances.

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Use Push to perform

Ableton Push is the perfect partner for your live performances. Play notes and chords, launch loops, tweak sounds, or even build drum patterns and step sequences on the fly. Push is an instrument for the studio or the stage.

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Control everything

Live is even more powerful when it’s hands-on. Use MIDI controllers to control almost anything in your Live Set. Or use a variety of iOS or Android apps on phones or tablets. Live is made to be tweaked.

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Customize and personalize

Use Max for Live to connect Live to the wider world. Control lights or projectors in sync with your music. Repurpose controllers, connect to sensors, and more. Build your own Max for Live devices or freely download from a huge collection of community-created tools.

The Herrmutt Lobby collective repurposes controllers you might recognize and morphs them into intuitive tools for a truly live form of electronic music.

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James Holden used Max for Live to develop the Group Humanizer, a device that puts the errors, inconsistencies, and vibrancy back into programmed beats.

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An expansive array of speakers, a Max-based core, and custom Max for Live devices allow for sound to be positioned anywhere within the system’s space.

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