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by Ableton

Amp is a physically modeled audio effect that emulates the timeless tones of seven classic guitar amps.

Amp is an Ableton audio effect that delivers warmth and drive without hassles. Co-developed with Softube, Amp accurately delivers the sound and simplicity of legendary amplifiers and cabinets.

We've focused on the essentials — tone, vibe and character — so you can focus on making music instead of searching for the right knob. Get good dirt, fast.

Amp comes with Cabinet, a separate effect that provides a selection of classic guitar cabs, with optimized mics and mic positioning. We've also included a wide range of sounds that transform Ableton's instruments and effects with Amp's new sonic character. These include Instrument and Effect Racks, Live Clips and over 400 presets.


Meet the Models

Clean is based on the "Brilliant" channel of a classic amp from the '60s. This amp was widely used by guitarists of the British Invasion.

Boost is based on the "Tremolo" channel of the same amp, and is great for edgy rock riffs.

Blues is based on a '70s-era guitar amp with a bright character. This classic amp is popular with country, rock and blues guitarists.

Rock is modeled after a classic 45 watt amp from the '60s. This is perhaps the best known rock amp of all time.

Lead is based on the "Modern" channel of a high-gain amp popular with metal guitarists.

Heavy is based on the "Vintage" channel of the same amp and is also ideal for metal and grunge sounds.

Bass is modeled after a rare PA from the '70s which has become popular with bass players due to its strong low end and "fuzz" at high volumes.

Cabinet is a separate effect that provides a selection of classic guitar cabs, with optimized mics and mic positioning.

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