Made for finishing music

Get your music done. Once you have some musical ideas, Live helps you turn them into a finished song. From arranging to mixing to mastering, Live has workflows that will help you go from song ideas to finished tracks.

From sketch to arrangement

Live’s Arrangement View is where you organize music along a timeline, tweak automation, and finish your song. Powerful editing tools let you add, duplicate, or remove blocks of time. Split clips or consolidate multiple clips into one. Or record everything you do in the Session View into the Arrangement to improvise your way to a finished song.

Multiband Dynamics
EQ Eight with breakout display and analog-modeled Glue Compressor

Get your music sounding great

Whether you mix as you go or wait until you’re done with the arrangement, Live has the tools and workflows to help you make your music sound great. With everything from precise, surgical EQs to warm, vintage compressors, Live’s effects are a complete toolkit for finishing your mix or master.

See all effects

Find the right balance with detailed visualizations that help you perfect your mix or master.

Get your music out

When you’re finished with your music, Live makes it easy to export in a variety of formats, or even directly to SoundCloud. Live uses ultra-high-quality sample rate conversion during export, meaning you can work at high sample rates and then reduce only at the very end. And Live takes advantage of all your computer’s processors, meaning exporting happens fast.

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