Made without limits

Live is software without limits. Although Live is powerful out of the box, you can expand and adapt it to suit your own unique needs and workflows. From add-on Packs to your own custom devices via Max, Live can be tweaked to do almost anything you can imagine.

Magic Racks
Effects Racks
ZenPad Mantra
Olympus Elements
Orchestral Ensemble Essentials
Future R&B
Spectral Textures
Electric Pianos

Get more sounds, loops, and samples

Packs are add-on instruments, effects, loops, and sample collections for use in Live. Each Pack is custom-made by premier sound designers, and the contents of the Packs are ready to use, license-free, in your own musical projects.

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Get new instruments, effects, sequencers, and more

Max for Live is both a world of devices and a community of device builders. Max for Live comes with a great collection of ready-to-use devices. And there’s even more available from the dedicated community of artists and builders who share their Max for Live creations.

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Take control

Live is even better when it’s hands-on. Map knobs, faders, and buttons to control almost anything. Live works with any MIDI controller and includes instant mappings for a growing number, for instant results right out of the box.

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Play in time with other devices

Our new Link technology lets you use Live to bring even more sources of inspiration together. Link synchronizes the tempo of multiple instances of Live and a growing collection of other music applications, so you can expand your setup and collaborate in innovative ways.

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Build your own tools

Every Max for Live device is ready to use in your own music, but can be edited and customized to suit your specific needs. You can also build your own devices for use in Live. Create custom synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio effects, and much more.

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