Machinedrum and Lando

Machinedrum and Lando work with Push

With a shared discography noting releases on labels including Ninja Tune, Planet-Mu, Hotflush, and Monkeytown, Machinedrum and Lando aka Travis Stewart and Antaeus Roy can each prove a solid pedigree in forward-thinking electronic music. When the two long-term friends hit the studio together for the first time, it seemed to us a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into their collaborative process. In an effort to get behind the artistic resumés, we put together a video to shine a light on their musical trajectories, the refinement of their production styles, and their studio environments. Check it out below:

While Machinedrum had been using Push since it was in beta, Lando was new to the instrument. Coming from a studio full of vintage and boutique analog equipment, Push was a snug fit with Lando’s hands-on method of production. We got together with the two of them at Berlin’s UFO studios, for a revealing look at the collaborative production process between two passionately creative friends:

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