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These videos show you the different music-making elements Push 2 puts at your fingertips. Pick and choose topics you’d like to learn or watch them in order – they’ll take you from setting up your Push 2 through to in-depth sampling techniques.

There’s also a full chapter on Push 2 in the Live manual, and some useful articles from our Help area below. And If you want to take your knowledge even further, check out our recommended training resources from the Ableton community.


General Overview

Sequencing Drums

Playing Drums

Creating Drum Variations

Sound Design: Drums

Play Melodies

Play Chords

Sound Design: Melodic Parts

Step Sequencing Melodies

Sampling: Overview

Sampling: Classic Mode

Sampling: One Shot Mode

Sampling: Slicing Mode

Sampling in Depth: Creative Techniques

Sampling in Depth: Warping

Session Mode



Sound Design


Recording Audio

Push 2 articles

Check out these articles from our Help area:

Using Push 2 FAQs

Setting up Push 2: OSX

Setting up Push2: WIN

Push Training

Certified training

All over the globe, a growing group of Ableton Certified Trainers are offering approved Ableton Live and Push training at all skill levels, both for individuals and groups. Find training near you.

Online training

Discover some excellent options for improving your skills with Live right from your own workstation. Find online training partners.

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