In session view, if I start recording into a clip, how can I make sure the clip length is preset to 4 bars?

During session recording, if I start recording into a clip, the length of the clip is determined by when I stop recording... However, I want ableton to set clip length to 4 bars and start looping the clip once it reaches 4 bars. This way, I can overdub into the clip. How can I achieve this please?


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  • DreZ1
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    On PUSH, this is what I do...

    1. Hit Track button for track view... 

    2. Find the track you want to record and hit the top yellow button. It should turn Red for record mode...

    3. Press and hold the Fixed Length button to display the length options...

    4. While holding it, press the top yellow button under the length that you want, from 1 beat to 32 bars... 

    5. Hit the Red Circle Button to start recording the clip...

    6. When the clip loops, you can overdub or not!

    On step 5 above, if the session view clip slot is empty, you will get your normal recording count-in... if there is a clip already in the slot, the recording will start immediately.  

    If you want to delete an existing clip from PUSH, just so you get the count-in...

    1. Press the Session button...

    2. Hold the Delete button...

    3. Press the PUSH pad that represents that clip.  It should turn Red and ready to record.  

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  • dataf1ow
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    Are you recording a midi or audio clip? I am assuming you are referring to midi clips, as you can't overdub audio. The above suggestion would work for editing the clip after the fact, but I got the impression that you wished to hit record, play in some midi, then after four bars, the clip would start looping and you'd be able to overdub. In that case, I would set the session quantization to 4 bars, hit the launch button, start playing, and when you get a spare second, hit the launch button again. This will force the clip to begin playing on the next 4th bar.

    Alternatively, you could create a bunch of empty midi clips that are 4 bars long, and just launch those when you wanted to start recording into them. This would avoid the lengthy quantization delay. 

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  • Ironlion
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    "In that case, I would set the session quantization to 4 bars, hit the launch button, start playing, and when you get a spare second, hit the launch button again."


    If you happen to be a musician and using both hands to play your instrument, there is no "spare second". I've come with a solution for this which I've posted here:

    Please bump it if that solution interests you and you'd like to see it implemented.

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  • mikedixson
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    If you double click a clip in the middle it'll make a blank midi track of however long your global quantization is set to.

    You can then turn on overdub, hit record on that clip and build it up as it loops.

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  • TempoMachTwenty
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    Once you have recorded the clip and know the exact length you want the clip to be, in the sample editor down below, under Sample section, on the far bottom right corner, you have a field named, "Length" with 3 boxes, in the first box, type in the number you choose the clip length to be. After a bit of playing, you will understand how to set the bar length of your chosen clip. Hope it helped, if not, reply and I will create a video showing you this. Keep up with my tutorials at:

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