Vivek Panchmatia

  • Dar es Salaam タンザニア

Vivek Panchmatia, aka ASTROCHORD, is a DJ, producer, audio engineer and pianist who teaches, produces and performs a wide range of genres. He is a full-time musician and educator teaching DJing, music production, Max for Live and more, in four languages. Teaching since 2016 in cities such as Chennai, Pune and Dar Es Salaam, he conducts online and in-person classes ranging from one-on-one mentorship to a fully-fledged classroom setting.

スワヒリ語, 英語, グジャラート語, ヒンディー語
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Vivek Panchmatia is a versatile DJ, producer, audio engineer, pianist and experienced Certified Trainer. Born and raised in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, he went on to study music and more in India. He comes from a background of musicians and teachers and has been passionate about music since childhood. Specializing in Live and music production, he also teaches DJing, VJing and Max For Live. From sound design to producing various genres of music, he loves to share his knowledge and experiences. He has been using Live and Ableton’s hardware for almost a decade.

Having grown up in Tanzania and India, he had the opportunity to experience various cultures. Very well acquainted with several electronic genres such as house, hip hop, afrobeats and organic dance music, he continues to produce, perform and further explore more genres as his musicality evolves. Over the years, he also developed skills for producing reggae, trap, techno, Bollywood/Indian music, and more.
Vivek studied music, audio engineering, videography, photography and more in Chennai for over four years. He specialized in audio engineering and completed three years of a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication in the SAE-affiliated AAT College, after which he obtained a Certificate in Piano Performance from KM Music Conservatory (A. R. Rahman’s music institute) in one year.

A natural educator, he is extremely passionate about teaching and finds fulfillment in spreading knowledge that he has gained over the years. With an enthusiastic and engaging approach when teaching, he strives to create fun and memorable experiences for all his students. Vivek focuses on improving your current level and introducing new concepts while helping improve your workflow, musical knowledge, techniques, fundamental concepts and more. From music theory and history, to modern day mixing and mastering, he teaches the absolute basics or builds on your current level. The first Certified Trainer in East Africa, he’s got you covered – whether you’re a beginner or already an advanced user.

Vivek’s vision is to provide and promote quality education in music production and performing live, which he aims to achieve by ensuring that it is easily accessible for everyone, as well as keeping it at a reasonable, affordable cost. He conducts both online (video conferencing) and offline (in-person) classes, varying from one-on-one mentorships to fully-fledged classroom settings. Vivek is approachable and friendly, and you can easily connect with him over his socials.

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