Mortimer Barten

  • Cologne ドイツ

Mortimer Barten is a techno DJ and producer from Germany. He has been active as a DJ and live performer for more than 15 years. There’s a soulful groove to his sets and sounds that show the love for what he is doing in every beat with a pure dance sound, sometimes melodic, sometimes dark and tecnoid.

トレーナー, オンライン
ドイツ語, 英語
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Mortimer has released several successful tracks and is continually working on new projects. His music is inspired by the early techno scene and incorporates modern influences to create his own, unmistakable sound he calls Fusion Techno. With his passion for electronic music and his talent as a performer, Mortimer Barten has made a name for himself in the German techno scene.

Originally starting off as a drummer, he played in several bands, from punk to pop. With the rise of electronic dance music in the 90s, he quickly fell in love with techno music. Later on around 2009, he rediscovered the art of DJing and maintains a solid collection of vinyl records. As a live performer, he plays self produced techno with a hybrid live setup, playing a compact mixture of hardware synthesizers, controllers and a laptop. It’s live, and it’s still Techno!

Since 2018, Mortimer supports the local community with an Ableton User Group. As Ableton Certified Trainer he guides students on their learning path as artists and producers.

He leaves no doubt that music is true love or nothing. So let yourself go and listen, or dance, or feel, and nothing more and nothing less.

Visit his website to learn more about Mortimer Barten and his music.

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