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Madeleine Bloom is a classically trained musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin. Since 2012 she has been running Sonic Bloom, the biggest independent online resource on all things Ableton.

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Classically trained on the guitar from the age of six, Madeleine Bloom started her first band in her teens. Soon she became interested in recording and music production and went on to study Media Design and Electroacoustic Music at the Franz Liszt Conservatoire under Prof. Robin Minard. She uses the methods acquired there to create her unique blend of cinematic left-field pop made from all kinds of instruments, analogue synths, everyday sounds and her voice. She releases on her own label, Quixotica Records. Madeleine's music has been called genre-defying and has earned praise from renowned producers such as Guy Sigsworth and Rupert Hine, as well as a personal invitation from Grammy winner Imogen Heap to be her opening act. She has been performing as a one-woman band with Ableton Live since 2005, recreating her songs loop by loop with array mbira, voice, Ableton Live, Push and controllers like the wiimote and the MI.MU gloves. She also loves playing electronic live jams.

A former Ableton tech support, she’s the founder of Sonic Bloom, the biggest independent website on all things Ableton Live, Max for Live and Push, providing products, services as well as free tutorials, tips and downloads. More than 750 articles are available in English and German on the site. She’s been teaching one-to-one lessons via Zoom, Skype or in her studio regularly since 2013, with topics tailored to each student’s needs –  from music production to sound design to music theory. Additionally, she offers online video courses for Ableton Live and Push at Sonic Bloom. Invitations to hold workshops on music production and live performance with Ableton Live have brought her as far as India. As a music tech consultant, she also helps bands and artists to get the most out of technology on stage and in the studio.

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