Julien Bayle

  • Marseille フランス

Julien Bayle is artist, musician, Max Certified Trainer & teacher working at the juncture of sound, art & science. His work goes from sound recordings to installations and live performances to generative art. Besides universities & art schools’ commissioned lectures and workshops, he is a consultant for his Structure Void studio where he provides teaching & consultancy about Live, Max for Live, Max + RNBO, as all possible state-of-art technologies related to sound, visuals, interaction & code.

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Julien Bayle’s work is based on both experiments and programming, and guided by concepts of time expansion & contraction. His interests in microsound and granular synthesis have recently pushed him to expand his work by opening up a new way of including field recordingbased sounds into his practice. Through a positive-nihilist kind of deconstruction of processes, structures and results, he seeks to depict the complexity of society and a world saturated by meaningless information. He performs and exhibits his work internationally at festival and galleries such as MIRA Festival in Spain, ELEKTRA in Canada, Todays Art in the Netherlands, ACT Festival in South Korea, Day for Night in the US, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, the David Roberts Art Foundation in London, and more.

He teaches creative technology and new media art as a guest professor in various art schools in Europe and beyond. He frequently leads specific workshop about creative strategies & techniques for Art & Design schools on topics like “noise as an input”, “parasites injections”, or “designing your own audioreactive visuals generation systems”.

He is the only trainer in France doubly certified as an Ableton Certified Trainer and as a Max Certified Trainer.

He teaches and provides consultancy on Ableton Live, Max for Live & especially Max 8 in music composition, generative processes, modular, and design strategies for audio-reactive visuals. He also teaches & develops Arduino/Raspberry Pi, control/feedback interactions for art installations, machine learning for art systems & DSP design. He recently added Touchdesigner to his teaching session and also designed a specific course related to Ableton Live based sound design.

His individual one-to-one & group custom courses are widely acclaimed as ones of the most flexible in the field. Students and followers can attend online and on-site courses as individual lessons and group classes through his own company Structure Void, official & QUALIOPI certified teaching structure in France.

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