Donghwa Lee aka Polarfront

  • Seoul 大韓民国

이동화는 Ableton 공식 트레이너이며, 전자음악 프로젝트인 ‘Polarfront’의 프로듀서이자 라이브 퍼포먼스, DJ, 비주얼 아티스트로 활동하고 있다.

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2015 셀프 타이틀인 <Polarfront> 발매를 시작으로 2018 <Baikal>, 2019 <Voyage> 를 발매하였고, 그 외 여러 매채의 프로젝트와 컴필레이션 앨범에 참여하여 꾸준한 앨범 발매를 하고 있으며, 국내를 비롯하여 도쿄의 <Dommune> , 베를린의 <Tresor> <About blank> 등의 해외에서 라이브 퍼포먼스와 디제이로 활발히 활동 중이다. 최근 뉴미디어 그룹인 <PF Lab> 을 설립하여 새로운 예술적 시도를 진행 중이다.  

EN version below:

Polarfront is an electronic music project by Donghwa Lee, who works as a producer, live performance artist, and DJ. Starting with the release of his 2015 self-titled "Polarfront", he also released "Baikal" in 2018, and "Voyage" in 2019, and has been continuously releasing albums by participating in various other projects and compilation albums.

His work is presented in a contrasting mode, with complex and changeable phenomena occurring at the point and boundary where substances and forms of different properties meet, constituting the subject on which music and visual works are based.

Alongside various venues in South Korea, he also performs live abroad, including Tokyo's "Dommune," Berlin's "Tresor" and "About blank." 

He is currently working on the establishment of the "PF Lab" label which is focussed on recording and releasing various artistic activities.

Donghwa has been using Ableton Live since 2007 and currently teaches Music Production, DJing, and Advanced Live Performance using Ableton Live at universities such as Kukje University of Arts, Seoul Institute of the Arts, and DIMA.

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