Cristian “C-Funk” Moraga

  • Santiago チリ

Cristián Moraga is a singer, composer, guitar & keyboard player, producer and one of the most renowned funk artists from Chile. His impressive international career with Los Tetas, beginning in 1995, made him a well-known figure of both funk and hip-hop in Latin America.

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Cristián began mixing classic funk elements like guitars and analog synths with programmed beats, sequences and MIDI instruments at the age of 13. His musical education started at a young age, when he was taught by his father, the singer-songwriter Hugo Moraga. By age 13 Cristián was already an accomplished musician, playing keyboards with bands on the national circuit.

In the early 1990s Cristián was exposed to American funk and jazz artists such as Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Prince and Stevie Wonder, which encouraged him to create his own creative musical universe. In 1993 he met Rulo Eidelstein and soon formed his first band, Dr Funkenstein, which would go on to become Los Tetas.

Cristián is the musical brain of Los Tetas and the band has recorded several albums, such as Mamma Funk and La Medicina, has collaborated with renowned artists and Cristián himself has had a fruitful solo career. He has used Live since 2004 and Push since 2015, and it has become his favourite setup for combining live instruments and sequenced electronic instruments, both in the studio and on stage.

Aside from his career as an instrumentalist and composer, Cristián works as a music producer and director. He also teaches Music Production in Live for beginners and advanced users, with a special focus on classically trained musicians, at the Loft Academy since 2014.

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