Abid Hussain

  • New Orleans LA United States
  • Dallas TX United States

Abid Hussain is an electronic and alternative rock producer with more than 25 years of experience. Working as Nebulae, Pellicle, Chlorophyll, and Kundalini Shock Attack, he has produced fourteen of his own albums, in addition to more than twenty-five remixes for artists all over the world.


He is a passionate user and trainer of Ableton Live and has used the software as his main DAW and performance/DJ software since 2004. Abid has worked at prominent studios in Los Angeles, and although he has a diverse musical background that is rooted in hardware, he now focuses mainly on Ableton Live and its synthesizers and plug-ins.

Throughout his music career, Abid has taught aspiring musicians how to bring their music to life. Some of Abid's students have gone from knowing little about production to being signed by labels in as few as six months. He has the ability to teach production concepts in a fun and accessible manner, starting with the basics and building to advanced techniques. His approach allows musicians to quickly turn their ideas into release-quality music. For more advanced musicians, who already have production experience, Abid can show them how to produce better, more polished, professional mixes and masters. Abid's techniques using Ableton Live to produce and perform can also teach students to eliminate time-consuming steps between music production and onstage performance. Most importantly, Abid's in-depth knowledge of Live enables him to teach students how to unleash their untapped creativity using Ableton Live.

Abid truly enjoys working with musicians and DJs in any style of music. His training programs can be customized to a student's abilities and experience, whether that student is a beginner, has intermediate, or even advanced experience. Abid's goal is to empower as many musicians and DJs as possible to create and perform great music.

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