Ableton Beta Program

Our aim is to ensure that Live and Push are stable and bug-free. But there are just too many scenarios and setups for us to test by ourselves – so we need your help.
The goal of our beta programs is to improve the release versions of Live 11 and Push software by finding and removing any unintended behavior in the beta versions. That might include new features not performing properly, or bug fixes not always working smoothly.

The latest Live betas are available to all owners of Live 11, and the latest Push betas are available to all owners of Push 3.


To join the Live beta test, go to our Live beta testing portal on Centercode.


If you’d like to become a beta tester for the latest Push software, head to the Push beta testing portal.

Any information you share is kept confidential and will be used only in connection with research and testing at Ableton. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Please note: Beta testing is conducted in English.

Closed alpha program

We also have an active alpha testing program open to experienced users and testers. For more information, go to our closed alpha program page.

Looking for the latest Release version?

To download the latest release version of Ableton Live, please head over to your user account.