Key Features

Unique Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible performance and improvisation
Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo
Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
Unlimited Instruments, Audio effects and MIDI effects per project
Group tracks
VST and Audio Unit support
Time signature changes
Multiple automation lanes
Track Freeze
Automatic plug-in delay compensation
MIDI remote control instant mapping
MIDI output to hardware synths
MIDI Clock/sync
Link technology – play multiple instances of Live and iOS apps in time New
Multicore/multiprocessor support
WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC file support
8 Audio and MIDI tracks
8 Scenes
2 Send and Return Tracks
4 Mono audio input channels
4 Mono audio output channels

Software Instruments

Drum Rack An instrument for layering samples, synths and effects in a classic 16-pad grid
Impulse A drum sampler with complex modulation capabilities
Simpler Live’s powerful sampling instrument, now with built-in slicing and warping capabilities

Audio Effects

Auto Filter Classic analog filter emulation with an envelope follower and LFO
Beat Repeat Creative beat mangling with controlled or randomized repetitions of an incoming signal
Chorus Create thickening or flanging effects with two parallel modulated delays
Compressor Dynamics processing to add punch and loudness
EQ Three} Three-band EQ with kill switches, modeled on classic DJ mixers
Erosion Adds “digital”-sounding artifacts and noise to audio signals
Redux Bit- and sample-rate reduction for classic lo-fi sounds
Reverb Simulates the acoustics of real or imaginary rooms
Simple Delay Two independent delay lines with feedback and tempo sync
Tuner Shows the incoming pitch and its distance from the nearest semitone, helping you quickly get instruments in tune
Utility Multipurpose tool for adjusting gain, phase, stereo width and more

MIDI Effects

Arpeggiator Takes individual notes from a held chord and plays them as a rhythmical pattern
Chord Adds up to six additional pitches to incoming MIDI notes to create chords
Note Length Alters the length of incoming MIDI notes or triggers notes via Note Off
Pitch Transposes MIDI notes by a specified amount
Random Applies chance-based random transposition to MIDI notes
Scale Remaps incoming MIDI notes to different outgoing MIDI notes
Velocity Randomizes or compresses MIDI note velocity

Includes Live's core library of sounds and presets

117 Instrument Racks
8 Drum Racks
116 Drum Hits
11 Impulse Presets
47 Audio Clips (Loops)
59 Audio Effect Racks