36 Live Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available for many common actions and commands in Live.

Note that on Mac keyboards, the ALT key is also called the Option key.

36.1 Showing and Hiding Views

Toggle Full Screen ModeF11CTRLCMDF
Toggle Second WindowCTRLShiftWCMDShiftW
Toggle Session/Arrangement ViewTabTab
Toggle Device/Clip ViewShiftTab or F12ShiftTab or F12
Hide/Show Detail ViewCTRLALTL or ShiftF12CMDALTL or CTRLShiftF12
Toggle Hot-Swap ModeQQ
Toggle Drum Rack/Last-Selected PadDD
Hide/Show Info ViewShift?Shift?
Open the PreferencesCTRL,CMD,
Close Window/DialogESCESC

36.2 Working with Sets and the Program

Save Live Set As…CTRLShiftSCMDShiftS
Hide LiveCMDH
Export Audio/VideoCTRLShiftRCMDShiftR
Export MIDI FileCTRLShiftECMDShiftE

36.3 Working with Devices and Plug-Ins

Group DevicesCTRLGCMDG
Ungroup DevicesCTRLShiftGCMDShiftG
Activate/Deactivate All Devices in GroupHold ALT and click on device activatorHold ALT and click on device activator
Add Device(s) to SelectionShift clickShift click
See List of Devices on a Trackright-click on Device View selectorright-click on Device View selector
Reset Parameter ValueDelete or double-clickDelete or double-click
Load Selected Device from BrowserEnterEnter
Hot-Swap Selected DeviceQQ
Open Multiple Windows with Show/Hide Plug-In Window ButtonCTRLCMD

36.4 Editing

Select Multiple ItemsCTRL clickCMD click
Select Multiple Items by First and Last ItemShift clickShift click
Move to Next Track/Scene When RenamingTabTab
Ignore Grid Quantization When DraggingALTCMD

Some of the above editing shortcuts can also be applied to the following items by using the listed modifier key:

Clips and Slots Across All TracksShiftShift
Time Across All TracksShiftShift
The Selected Part of the EnvelopeALTALT

36.5 Adjusting Values

Decrement/Incrementup and down arrow keysup and down arrow keys
Decrement/Increment in Octaves or Fine AdjustmentsShift up and down arrow keysShift up and down arrow keys
Finer Resolution When DraggingShiftShift
Return to DefaultDeleteDelete
Type In Value0909
Go to Next Field (Bar/Beat/16th).,.,
Cancel Value EntryESCESC
Confirm Value EntryEnterEnter

36.6 Commands for Breakpoint Envelopes

Toggle Automation ModeAA
Finer Resolution When DraggingShiftShift
Create Curved Automation SegmentALTALT
Momentarily Toggle Fade ControlsFF
Delete Automation/Clear EnvelopeCTRLBackspaceCMDBackspace
Ignore Grid Quantization When DraggingALTCMD

36.7 Loop Brace and Start/End Markers

The loop brace or start/end markers must first be selected before any of the following shortcuts can be applied.

Move Start Marker to PositionCTRL clickCMD click
Move End Marker to PositionCTRLShift clickCMDShift click
Nudge Loop Brace Left/Rightright and left arrow keysright and left arrow keys
Move Loop by Loop Lengthup and down arrow keysup and down arrow keys
Halve/Double Loop LengthCTRL up and down arrow keysCMD up and down arrow keys
Shorten/Lengthen LoopCTRL right and left arrow keysCMD right and left arrow keys
Select Material in LoopCTRLShiftLCMDShiftL

36.8 Zooming, Display and Selections

Zoom In++
Zoom Out--
Scroll Display to Follow PlaybackCTRLShiftFCMDShiftF
Scroll Left/RightShift scrollShift scroll
Pan Left/Right of SelectionCTRLALTCMDALT
Add Items to a SelectionShift click or dragShift click or drag
Add Adjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to Multi-SelectionShift clickShift click
Add Nonadjacent Clips/Tracks/Scenes to a Multi-SelectionCTRL clickCMD click

36.9 Clip View Tabs/Panels

Switch to Audio/Notes Tab/PanelALT1ALT1
Switch to Envelopes Tab/PanelALT2ALT2
Switch to Expressions Tab/PanelALT3ALT3

36.10 Clip View Sample Editor

Quantize Settings…CTRLShiftUCMDShiftU
Move Selected Warp Markerright and left arrow keysright and left arrow keys
Select Warp MarkerCTRL right and left arrow keysCMD right and left arrow keys
Scroll Display to Follow PlaybackCTRLShiftFCMDShiftF
Move Clip Region with Start MarkerShift right and left arrow keysShift right and left arrow keys
Zoom to Clip SelectionZZ
Zoom Back from Clip SelectionXX
Insert Warp MarkerCTRLICMDI
Delete Warp MarkerDeleteDelete
Insert TransientCTRLShiftICMDShiftI
Delete TransientCTRLShiftDeleteCMDShiftDelete

36.11 Clip View MIDI Note Editor

Select All NotesCTRLACMDA
Copy NotesCTRL dragALT drag
Quantize Settings…CTRLShiftUCMDShiftU
Scroll Editor VerticallyPage Up/Down keysPage Up/Down keys
Scroll Editor HorizontallyCTRL Page Up/Down keysShift Page Up/Down keys
Change Velocity from MIDI Note EditorALT dragCMD drag
Move Insert Marker to BeginningHomeFunction left arrow key
Move Insert Marker to EndEndEnd
Select Next/Previous NoteALT up and down arrow keysALT up and down arrow keys
Select Next/Previous Note in Same Key TrackALT left and right arrow keysALT left and right arrow keys
Scroll Display to Follow PlaybackCTRLShiftFCMDShiftF
Move Clip Region with Start MarkerShift right and left arrow keysShift right and left arrow keys
Zoom to Clip SelectionZZ
Zoom Back from Clip SelectionXX
Zoom In/Out Horizontally+-+-
Set Note Selection VelocityType a value between 0-127 and press EnterType a value between 0-127 and press Enter
Highlight ScaleKK

36.12 Grid Snapping and Drawing

Toggle Draw ModeBB
Narrow GridCTRL1CMD1
Widen GridCTRL2CMD2
Triplet GridCTRL3CMD3
Snap to GridCTRL4CMD4
Fixed/Zoom-Adaptive GridCTRL5CMD5
Bypass Snapping While DraggingALTCMD

36.13 Global Quantization

Sixteenth-Note QuantizationCTRL6CMD6
Eighth-Note QuantizationCTRL7CMD7
Quarter-Note QuantizationCTRL8CMD8
1-Bar QuantizationCTRL9CMD9
Quantization OffCTRL0CMD0

36.14 Session View

Launch Selected Clip/SlotEnterEnter
Select Neighboring Clip/Slotarrow keysarrow keys
Select All Clips/SlotsCTRLACMDA
Copy ClipsCTRL dragALT drag
Add/Remove Stop ButtonCTRLECMDE
Stop Clips in Track with Slot SelectionCTRLEnterCMDEnter
Insert MIDI clipCTRLShiftMCMDShiftM
Insert Captured SceneCTRLShiftICMDShiftI
Move Up/Down Between Scenes (One at a Time)up and down arrow keysup and down arrow keys
Move Up/Down Between Scenes (Eight at a Time)Page Up/Down keysPage Up/Down keys
Record to Session ViewCTRLShiftF9CMDShiftF9
Toggle Follow Actions for Selected ClipsShiftEnterShiftEnter
Create Follow Action ChainCTRLShiftEnterCMDShiftEnter
Move Selected Track Left/RightCTRL left and right arrow keysCMD left and right arrow keys
Move Nonadjacent Scenes Without CollapsingCTRL up and down arrow keysCMD up and down arrow keys
Drop Browser Clips as a SceneCTRLCMD
Deactivate Selected Clip00
Jump to the First Track of the Current SceneHomeHome
Jump to the Last Track of the Current SceneEndEnd
Jump to the Current Scene from the Last TrackEndEnd

36.15 Arrangement View

Split Clip at SelectionCTRLECMDE
Consolidate Selection into ClipCTRLJCMDJ
Crop Selected ClipsCTRLShiftJCMDShiftJ
Resize Clip When Insert Marker is at Clip EdgeEnter left and right arrow keysEnter left and right arrow keys
Slide WaveformShiftALT dragShiftALT drag
Stretch Warped ClipShift drag in clip title barShift drag in clip title bar
Select Time Within ClipShiftALT drag in clip title barShiftALT in drag clip title bar
Create Fade/CrossfadeCTRLALTFCMDALTF
Delete Fades/Crossfades in Selected Clip(s)CTRLALTDeleteCMDALTDelete
Momentarily Toggle Fade HandlesFF
Toggle Loop BraceCTRLLCMDL
Adjust Loop Brace LengthCTRL left and right arrow keysCMD left and right arrow keys
Select Loop Brace ContentsCTRLShiftLCMDShiftL
Insert SilenceCTRLICMDI
Cut TimeCTRLShiftXCMDShiftX
Paste TimeCTRLShiftVCMDShiftV
Duplicate TimeCTRLShiftDCMDShiftD
Delete TimeCTRLShiftDeleteCMDShiftDelete
Fold/Unfold Selected TracksU or left and right arrow keysU or left and right arrow keys
Unfold All TracksALTUALTU
Adjust Height of Selected Tracks/ClipsALT+ and ALT-ALT+ and ALT-
Scroll Display to Follow PlaybackCTRLShiftFCMDShiftF
Scroll Display Left/Right of SelectionCTRLALT dragCMDALT drag
Optimize Arrangement HeightHH
Optimize Arrangement WidthWW
Deactivate Selection00
Nudge Selection Left/Rightright and left arrow keysright and left arrow keys
Reverse Audio Clip SelectionRR
Zoom to Arrangement Time SelectionZZ
Zoom Back from Arrangement Time SelectionXX
Play from Insert Marker in Selected ClipCTRLSpaceALTSpace
Move Insert Marker to Playhead PositionCTRLShiftSpaceCMDShiftSpace

36.16 Commands for Tracks

Insert Audio TrackCTRLTCMDT
Insert MIDI TrackCTRLShiftTCMDShiftT
Rename Selected TrackCTRLRCMDR
Go to Next Track When RenamingTabTab
Group Selected TracksCTRLGCMDG
Ungroup TracksCTRLShiftGCMDShiftG
Show Grouped Tracks++
Hide Grouped Tracks--
Move Nonadjacent Tracks Without CollapsingCTRL arrow keysCMD arrow keys
Arm Selected TracksCC
Solo Selected TracksSS
Add Device from BrowserEnterEnter
Deactivate Selected Track00

36.17 Comping

Add Selected Take Lane Area to Main Track LaneEnterEnter
Audition Selected Take LaneTT
Add Take LaneShiftALTTShiftALTT
Duplicate Selected Take LaneCTRLDCMDD
Replace Main Take Clip with Next/Previous TakeCTRL up and down arrow keysCMD up and down arrow keys

36.18 Transport

Play from Start Marker/StopSpaceSpace
Continue Play from Stop PointShiftSpaceShiftSpace
Stop Playback at End of SelectionCTRLSpaceALTSpace
Play Arrangement View SelectionSpaceSpace
Move Insert Marker to BeginningHomeFunction left arrow key
Arm Recording in Arrangement ViewShiftF9ShiftF9
Record to Session ViewCTRLShiftF9CMDShiftF9
Back to ArrangementF10F10
Activate/Deactivate Track 1…8F1F8F1F8

36.19 Audio Engine

Turn Audio Engine On/OffCTRLALTShiftECMDALTShiftE

36.20 Browser

Scroll Down/Upup and down arrow keysup and down arrow keys
Close/Open Foldersright and left arrow keysright and left arrow keys
Load Selected Item from BrowserEnterEnter
Preview Selected FileShiftEnter or right arrow keyShiftEnter or right arrow key
Search in BrowserCTRLFCMDF
Jump to Search Resultsdown arrow key or Enterdown arrow key or Enter
Assign Color(s) to Selected Browser Item(s)1717
Reset Assigned Color(s) for Selected Browser Item(s)00

36.21 Key/MIDI Map Mode and the Computer MIDI Keyboard

Toggle Key Map ModeCTRLKCMDK
Computer MIDI KeyboardMM
Adjust Computer MIDI Keyboard Octave Range Up/DownX and Z keysX and Z keys
Adjust Computer MIDI Keyboard Incoming Note Velocity Up/DownC and V keysC and V keys

When the Computer MIDI Keyboard is enabled, you can play notes and adjust the octave and velocity ranges using the following keys:

The Computer MIDI Keyboard Layout.

36.22 Accessing Menus

On Windows, you can access each menu by pressing ALT and the first letter of the menu (ALTF for “File,” for instance). While a menu is open, you can use:

  • the up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu items;
  • the right and left arrow keys to open the neighboring menu;
  • Enter to choose a menu item.

On Mac, you can access individual menu entries by pressing CMD?. This opens a search field that will suggest menu entries as you type. You can navigate the suggested options by pressing the up and down arrow keys and then press Enter to choose one.

36.23 Using Live’s Context Menu

A context menu is available in different areas of Live for quick access to commonly used menu items and actions. To access the context menu, right-click(Win) / CTRL-click(Mac) on the part of the interface where you would like to execute a particular command. It is worth noting that the context menu may sometimes contain applicable options from Live’s Preferences. You should change these options with care, as they will affect not only the currently selected item but also the general settings of the program.

Some commands only appear in the context menu. Among these are: various options for working with the browser; the special grid marker commands for directing Auto-Warp; detailed options for zoom-adaptive and fixed grid line width; copying and pasting for Operator’s envelopes and oscillators; and numerous device-specific commands.

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