Tim Shiel on his favorite music and working with Live


It's been just over a year since we profiled Gotye's live and studio setup - including interviews with main songwriter Wally De Backer and electronics collaborator Tim Shiel. Our friends at Ableton Certified Training Institute Ableton Liveschool recently caught up with Tim to discuss Gotye, his own projects Faux Pas and Telling, his musical influences, and more. Here's Tim on his favorite features in Live 9:

"Its very subtle but I actually really like the improvements to Live’s EQ Eight. It sounds better and has a built in spectrum analyser, so making quick but meaningful adjustments to elements in a mix is easier. I’m also a fan of a lot of the sound content thats been made available for Live 9, in particular the Cyclic Waves pack made by Cycling 74, and also the Soniccouture packs that are available. Some really evocative, unexpected sounds and textures are buried away in there if you go looking."

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